Hollow Metoerite

While there were a good many specimens I saw and many I purchased
at the Denver Show, 2000, the meteorite, pictured above, stands apart from
all others in having a most unique attribute: it is hollow!

This meteorite has been both typed and named: Dofar 021 (H5-6, S2,
W4), TKW 2,534 grams, though the 4 pieces I have total only 2,190.7g. An
additional fragment was used to “type” the piece and, I assume, resides with
the identifying institution. The weathering rating of only 4 quite surprised
me, as every side and edge, save two edges of all four pieces appear equally
eroded, with no remaining indicators of fusion crust on the outer surfaces,
at all.

If complete, it would be about the size of a soccer ball, while the
hollow core is slightly larger than a tennis ball. Of course, I do not believe
this specimen entered the atmosphere “hollow” but, rather, weathered
irregularly, perhaps for tens of thousands of years, with the core weathering
away, entirely. However, I would be most interested in hearing, if there are
any, alternate theories any reader(s) might have regarding a hollow core

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