13th Anual Tucson Meteorite Auction

Tucson Auction 2012
Sat. Feb. 4
New Martian.iuyt.
..kjm . Lunar

T.S. uyjt . . poil . pmr.Huge Library
2012 - Same Location:1150 N. Beverly
(Full directions provided below) Licence# 1150483
hit REFRESH if you were here before 1-29-12
NOTE: The Auction will be conducted exclusively by
Michael Blood with the delightful Auction Nymphs: Lisa Marie,
Suzanne and Libby
(Leigh Anne will miss this year as she is busy
making a new human) - & this year's special guest speaker, the
very funny, knowledgeable and entertaining Anita Westlake.

5 to 6:00PM:Submissions & registration for sellers
6 PM Talk: Anita Westlake
Humerous and interesting stories about some meteorite falls.
7 PM: Twink Monrad's Famous Gold Basin Cake
7:25: Deadline for last minute submissions
7:30 Deadline for Bidding Card Registration
7:30 PM Sharp: Bidding Begins
BSENTEE BIDS will give you an excellent opportunity to buy as though you were at the auction, even from Europe. You offer
your highest bid and are automatically "bid up" only by other bidding, so you could get it well below your maxim
Email absentee bids to Michael Blood at: mlblood@cox.net
If you do not get a confirmation within 24 hrs -EMAIL AGAIN.
(Registration and Submissions will be accepted up to 7:30 but
making time for viewing is strongly advised)
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DOORPRIZES By "Rusty"Bill Mason: 2 Meteorite Corrosion Treatment & Protection Kits:

PRINT Full Size (no background - 43pg) HERE

PRINT Small Size (no background - 23pg) HERE


Lot 1 GD 19
100g lot of unsearched, uncut, NWA frags and small individuals.
No Minimum

Lot 2 GD 15
Custom 1" Scale Cube hand made wood
No Minimum

bhy Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 3 GD 14
Gold Basin OC L4
4.78 Full slice.
No Minimum

qwqClick on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 4 AB 6
Ingella Station Australia H5 part slice
1.108g $50 DA506
No Minimum

Lot 5 GD 13
Tektite Indochine
7.4g Round individual.
No Minimum

Lot 6 HW 3
NWA 1810 EL5
No Minimum

thy Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 7 AB 10
Wellman (a) Texas H5
part slice 3.000g
No Minimum

Lot 8 GD 7
Trinite 10g In Riker box w/label.
No Minimum

Lot 9 GD 5
Norton County Aubrite
.5g 3 pcs. In Riker Box w.metal label.
No Minimum

cx Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 10 GD 6
White Court Iron OM 111B
5g Individual w/ID tag.
No Minimum

'/. Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 11 GD 8
Gao-Gueine OC H5
3.6g Crusted individual.
No Minimum

ol, Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 12 GD 10
2mg frag. The type Martian w/Hupe Collection card.
No Minimum

Lot 13 GD 11
Nakhla 2mh frag.
The type Martian w/card.
No Minimum

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 14 GD 12
Urelite NWA 2634 Micro.
No Minimum

Lot 15 GD 9
Whetstone Mountain OC H5 Micro w
With historical and modern documentation
signed by finder Jack Schrader and others.
No Minimum

vgt Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 16 GD 16
Impact Breccia from Stac Fulda Event. Scotland (terrestial)
9.7g end piece

No Minimum

Lot 17 GD 17
Impact Breccia from Alamo Event. Nevada (terrestial)
63.5g slice
No Minimum

hg Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 18 GD 18.
NWA 889 L5
11.8g full slice. Very nice fat specimen. Could be two slices.
No Minimum

eq Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 19 FOOTE YW 1
35.2 gram NWA 869 - L5-6
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 20 FOOTE YW 2
28.7 gram NWA 869 - L5-6
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

yt Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 21 FOOTE YW 3
24.0 gram NWA 869 - L5-6
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 22 GD 20
MCP Paleo Bond Division - Meteorite protection and corrosion prevention kit.
No Minimum

dff Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 23 GD 4
Canyon Diablo Iron Octahedrite 1A
497g Unmolested individual with beautiful deep thumb prints.
No Minimum

Lot 24 GF 2
NWA 7131 CM2
1.26g full slice 23 x 21 x 2mm
found in 2011, with 40g of total material recovered as one partially crusted stone.  
This meteorite was just approved by the Meteoritical Society, and I don't have the full report on it, but suffice it to say that
it features stunning chondrules and Calcium Aluminum Inclusions (CAI) though out its matrix.  
The stone was cut by Marlin Cilz of the Montana Meteorite Laboratory and
a sample was submitted to Dr Tony Irving for analysis toward classification. This slice measures
a smooth satin finish and comes in a quality labeled display box for protection and years of viewing pleasure,
along with a Big Kahuna Meteorites Certificate of Authenticity.  
Gary is donating the profits of this sale to be paid directly to the IMCA
(suggested retail $190) No Minimum

fert Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 25 IMCA GF 1
NWA 7129 Achondrite Ungrouped
2.11g polished full slice 28 x 22 x 2mm.
purchased out of Morocco in September 2011, with a total mass from one partially crusted 50g stone.
cut and polished by Marlin Cilz a sample was submitted to Dr Tony Irving for analysis toward classification.
although it is paired with NWA 011/2400/2976/4587. This meteorite contains millimeter-size pigeonite with
exsolved augite lamellae surrounded by recrystallized plagioclase with prominent triple junctions, and rare,
unrecrystallized, tabular plagioclase relicts. Paired specimens have sold for as much as $1000/g
Pure eye candy for sure. But its the rarity of this ungrouped achondrite that makes it highly sought after,
this meteorite is more rare than martian or lunar meteorites.
Gary is donating the profits of this sale to be paid directly to the IMCA
(Retail value $2,000+)
No Minimum

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 26 FOOTE MM 2
4g Leedey Oklahoma
Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 27 FOOTE MM 3
17.8g Casilda, Argentina
Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 28 FOOTE YW 4
Two 1 ct Palladot pallasite olivine crystal jars,
autographed on the back by Steve Arnold of Meteorite Men.
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 29 FOOTE YW 5
Approximately 15 grams of Vaca Muerta fragments
that were collected while filming Season 2: Episode 2 of Meteorite Men.
Comes with a COA autographed by Geoff Notkin.
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 30 FOOTE WB 1
345g Full Slice
Will look spectacular with a polish.

No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 31 FOOTE Anon 4
9.1 g Toluca B End Piece, Etched.
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 32 FOOT Anon 3
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 33 FOOT Anon 2
Gebel Kamil
72.8 g Full specimen
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 34 FOOTAnon 1
Davy A
354g End Piece
35 x 35 x 23mm
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 35 FOOTE MB 1
198.0 g Whole Specimen
(one of 5 cherry picked from 20 Kg)
No Minimum - Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 36 PS 5
Meteor 6 Pack
NOTE: Though the VFW Has a liquor licence, this item
is sold as a novelty & not to be consumed on the property.
Buy a gift for 5 friends and one for yourself.
No Minimum

Lot 37 HW 7
NWA1235 Enst
No Minimum

Lot 38 ETw 1
Gujba (Bencubbinite)
9.6g End Piece
No Minimum

Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 39 ETw 2
Moss (CO)
2.6g Partslice
No Minimum

Lot 40 ETw 3
Udei Station (silicated IAB Iron)
42.6g Part Slice
No Minimum

Lot 41 Lot 40
0.028g Tissint with FC
Full Gavel Price to Gary & CJ Foote

Lot 42 GH-7
NWA 2798 L3.2 Chondrite
23.72g complete slice
61mm x 42mm x 2mm
No Minimum

fre Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 43 GH 8
NWA 3161 LL3.7 Chondrite
16.3g complete slice
50mm x 45mm x 2mm
No Minimum

Lot 44 GH 9
NWA 4226 H7 Metachondrite
9.2g end cut
28mm x 18mm x 6mm
No Minimum

ut Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 45 GH 10
NWA 6959 R5 Rumurutiite (Very Fresh)
2.68g end cut
34mm x 13mm x 4mm
No Minimum

Lot 46 GH 11
Dhofar 1575 Ureilite
13.5g cut fragment
40mm x 13mm x 10mm
No Minimum

fnv click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 47 GH-12
Tagish Lake Ungrouped Carbonaceous Chondrite
Kit – 50mg
No Minimum

Lot 48 TW 1
Muonionalusta pendant & Ear Rings
with Agate, Hawk's eye and crystal beads
Swarovski crystal clasp.
No Minimum

Lot 49 DP 2
Weston H4 December 14, 1807
23 x 19 x 2mm and
1.94 grams
No Minimum

erg Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 50 YW-11
Travis County (b) H4 Texas
31.5 grams Slice of chondrite
polished on one side and rough cut on the back.
65 x 35 x 4 mm TKW: 5.9+ kg
No Reserve

Lot 51 DP 6
Kainsaz CO3.2 September 13, 1937
25 x 20 x 2mm and
2.252 grams Exceptionally fresh for Kainsaz
No Minimum

Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 52 DP 1
NWA 5790 SNC - Nakhlite
10 x 4 x 4mm and
0.159 grams
No Minimum

iuy Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 53 DP 3
Mars Cube SNC - Shergottite
First Interplanetary Collectible
Macovich Collection
No Minimum

Lot 54 DP 4
31 x 32 x 2mm and
9.78 grams
No Minimum

iop Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 55 DP 5
Kainsaz CO3.2 September 13, 1937
45 x 33 x 2mm and
10.868 grams Exceptionally fresh for Kainsaz
No Minimum

io Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 56 DP 7
Bencubbin CBa
17 x 10 x 2mm and
2.42 grams
No Minimum

Lot 57 DP 8
Tissint (New Shergottite previously referred to as "Tata")
.381g With Fusion Crusted side
No Minimum

kjui Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 58 GH 13
Park Forest – Garza “Hammer Stone” & Debris
Includes: 150mg of “Garza Stone” fragments, Pieces of glass,
Attic rafter wood, Venetian blind, sheetrock w/ceiling paint &
Roof nail. (ruler measures in 1-inch, not included)
value = $400.00 (similar to 2011 Auction 'hammer' price)
No Minimum

Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 59 GH 14
Park Forest – Navarro room Hammer Stone Debris
Includes: Pieces of Printer smashed by meteorite,
sheetrock, wood and who-knows what else!!
(ruler measures in 1-inch, not included)
value = $400.00 (similar to 2011 Auction 'hammer' price)
No Minimum

';l Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 60 TM 2
NWA slice pendant & Ear Rings
with chalk turquoise, green aventurine & crystal beads
Swarovski crystal clasp.
No Minimum

Lot 61 YW-12:
Fukang Pallasite
36.0 grams squarish slice 57 x 54 x 1.5 mm
Lightly polished and coated to a glossy finish.
Note: one corner broke off and has been undetectably glued.
Comes with suspension mount display.
Minimum bid: $250

Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 62 JS 2
NWA 5549 "Algerian silicated Iron"
154.8 gram slice
No Minimum

.olkClick on any photo to enlarge
Lot 63 KB 3
358g Oriented Specimen Stand Included
No Minimum

Lot 64 HW 1
Iron IIA Walker County, Alabama
Found 1832 15mm x 6mm x1mm
Includes NEMS certicification.
No Minimum

sdfs click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 65 HW 2
Okechobee Florida
3.46g slice Fall fetched from the water.
No Minimum

dsrer4e Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 66 HW 4
NWA1292 CO3.6
2.5g Full Slice
No Minimu

Lot 67 HW 5
NWA 4478 Brechiated Lodranite
No Minimum

uwrw click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 68 HW 6
No Minimum

Lot 69
NWA 1877 Olivine Diogenite slice with fusion crust –
18.7 gram - Here is a large chunk of the Olivine Diogenite meteorite NWA 1877.
Olivine Diogenites are exceedingly rare and represents the deepest samples of
asteroid 4 Vesta. This specimen is a slice that is polished on two sides with a bit
of fusion crust on one of the other sides. A very nice piece of this rare meteorite.
Originally acquired from Greg Hupé. Total known weight: 312 + grams
Measurement: 38 x 18 x 10 mm
No Reserve
sffghy Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 70
NWA 4051 –
6.2 gram thin slice of a eucrite
Total known weight: 828 grams Locality: North West Africa
Measurement: 61 x 29 x 1+ mm
No Reserve
Lot 71
YW 4)
Seymchan etched side cut with hole – 119 grams - Pallasite
Here is a very nice edge slice of the pallasite meteorite Seymchan.
One side is nicely polished and etched, showing the widmanstatten pattern.
The back side is rough and natural. There is a very cool hole in the slice that
was a low point on the meteorite's surface.
Locality: Russia Measurement: 49 x 48 x 4-12 mm
No Reserve
dsres . scxvseClick on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 72
Haxtun from Colorado –H/L4 Chondrite
27.1 grams. 42 x 30 x 10 mm
Here is a hard to find specimen. It's the endpiece or half of a small stone with one
natural side and one polished side.
No Reserve
Lot 73
Renfrow wedge from Oklahoma – 110.5 grams – L6 chondrite
Here is a really nice wedge of the meteorite Renfrow from Oklahoma.
It features one small polished face, 2 cut but unpolished faces,
1 weathered fusion crust face, and one rocky blank face.
A nice specimen of an interesting American meteorite.
Total known weight: 81.6 kg Locality: Oklahoma
Measurement: 46 x 40 x 34 mm
No Reserve
xcesrd Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 74
Juancheng – 39.2 grams - H5 chondrite
Here is an observed fall from 1997 in China.
It has a fusion crust over most of it. There is one small patch on one side
that appears to have had a sticker on it at some point and left some glue.
No Reserve
Lot 75
St. Michel – 0.43 grams – L6 chondrite
Here is a fragment of the very hard to find St. Michel meteorite.
1910 fall in Finland. Provenance: ex- Tony Nikischer, ex- University Museum
in Helsinki main mass Locality: Finland TKW: 17 kilograms
Measurement: 12 x 9 x 3 mm
No Minimum
sdr343 Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 76
YW 9
Sierra Colorada – 38.6 gram – L5 Chondrite
82 x 23 x 5 mm
A slice of a meteorite from Rio Negro, Argentina.
No Minimum
Lot 77
YW 10
Huckitta pallasite slice - 40.2 grams. - Australia
40.2 grams. 55 x 40 x 5 mm
Found in 1937. Huckitta is a highly weathered pallasite; the metal has
been oxidized and changed to hematite and magnetite and the olivine
crystals are now other minerals. It is completely stable and rust free.
A distinct example of this Australian pallasite.
No Reserve

Lot 78
HW 8
DAG 429 ung. C3
No Minimum

Lot 79
HW 9
Ransburg Iron
77 g.
No Minimum

.sdereClick on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 80 HW 80
Israel Gold, Palladium & Bronze Medallions
Opening bid: $800 (Based on "Spot Price" of precious metals. May go up or down by time of auction)

dsdre Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 81
PS 1
No Minimum

Lot 82
PS 2
No Minimum

dsresdss Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 83
PS 3
Three Seymchan prisms,
etched on all sides, no olivine, total Wt. = 101.6g
No Minimum

Lot 84
PS 4)
Six small Henburys
total Wt. = 30.5g
No Minimum

Lot 85 BB 1
Zapotectite from Belize
Very very dark black less than 150 specimens known
5.2 grams appx. slightly larger than current average.
Ovoid 19x16x13 mm CONFIRMED: 800,000 years old.
Found 06 May 2011, Cayo District, Belize
These tektites are such a new discovery/recovery that this
will be only the second one ever sold publicly.
One 2g specimen was auctioned and went for $200 per gr.
These tektites are still far more rare than Ivory Coast
tektites which retail for @ $1000/gram
For the serious Tektite collector this is a "Must Have" specimen.
See "Tektite of The Month" in METEORITE TIMES, April, 2011

See article HERE

Value $1,000 +
No Pinimum

dsdfe Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 86
YW 1
Ex-Monnig Allende – 21.5 gram – CV3 -
formerly in the Oscar Monnig collection. The specimen is very nice with
two lightly polished faces, fine fusion crust on one sloping side and a rough side.
On the fusion crust is M137.4 written in white, which indicates the fourth
specimen of Allende in the Monnig collection cataloged by Glenn Huss in
the 1980's (M137 is the marking for Allende, .4 means the 4th specimen).
The specimen weighs 21.5 grams, meaning it's a cut from the original catalog
specimen that weighed 93 grams. Unfortunately it does not have an original
label but comes with a Sterling Hill NJ museum shop label. Locality: Mexico
Measurement: 3.0 x 2.5 x 2.1 centimeters
Reserve/Starting Bid: $250

xzsde Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 87
BV 1
LA 002 Thin Section
(Pictured in a plastic shipping container with foam padding)
Full sized standard Thin Section. Made by the same TS maker used by
Anne Black, Michael Blood and David New. He is the best of the best and was
used by NASA to make their Thin Sections when the Apollo Moon Rocks were obtained.
LA 002 material is now Very rare, now commanding a per gr price of $2,500.
No Minimum

Lot 88
AB 1
Almahata Sitta Sudan (Enst. Chon). part slice
No Minimum

Lot 89 AB 11
NWA 5205 Sahara LL3.2
No Minimum

;lk Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 90 AB 2
Armanty China (Med. Octah)
shale fragment Micro
No Minimum

Lot 91 AB 3
Bluff (b) Texas L5 partslice
No Minimum

sds Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 92 AB 4
Clark County Kentucky IIIF
No Minimum

Lot 93 AB 5
Hayes Center Nebraska L6
black Macro 1.357 $ 35 DA516
No Mimimum

sads Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 94 AB 8
Puerto Lapice Spain Eucrite fragments
No Minimum

Lot 95 AB 9
Twannberg Switzerland Iron an.
fragment 0.100g
No Minimum

Lot 96 AB 7
Majuba 001 Nevada L5
Fragment 0.467g
No Minimum

fsasd Click on any and all photos to enlarge
Lot 97
AB 12
Koltsovo Sahara H4
No Minimum

Lot 98 GH-1
NWA 3143 Diogenite
8.6g part slice 31mm x 23mm x 3mm value
No Minimum

erewr Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 99 GH-2
NWA 4587 (Paired to NWA 011) Ungrouped Achondrite
1.72g part slice 11mm x 10mm x 4mm
No Minimum

Lot 100 GH-3
NWA 5400 Ungrouped Achondrite
3.4g part slice 31mm x 12mm x 3mm
No Minimum

dcsdf Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 101 GH-4
NWA 6704 Ungrouped Achondrite
7.36g part slice 30mm x 28mm x 2mm
No Minimum

Lot 102 GH-5
Garza "Meteorite Impact Artifact" Kit w/ fragment of Garza Stone.
Park Forest Meteorite Fall 2003
Display box measures 130mm x 155mm x 22mm
No Minimum

m Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 103 GH-6
Thika "Mwana Wikio" Greenhouse 002
Hammer Stone Kit - Large comes with 334mg fragment
of the stone and potion of greenhouse roof.
Display box measures 83mm x 58mm x 23mm

Lot 104 JS 1
NWA 6721 Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
1.132 gram complete slice of NWA 6721 lunar feldspathic breccia
Has been recently proven to NOT be paired with 6481 as first thought
Making it a unique lunaite. TKW: 182 g
Opening Bid = $600.00

cvgf Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 105 JH 1
Trinitite Collection 12 pieces in Riker Box Display totaling
33g Total Weight of Trinitite pieces
No Minimum

cvbcb . xcfd
Lot 106 KV 1
Signed Copy of The Nininger Collection of Meteorites
1950,,1st ed. Hardbound
Singed by Nininger Oct,1951
Good Condition.
No Minimum

L0t 107 KB 2
750.4g Stand Included
No Minimum

iertw Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 108 MB 1
The Methane Geysers of Pluto 
Original (24" X 48")

The ice geysers of Pluto are mostly methane and are frozen to a solid at that distance. When either tidal
forces or at it's closest approach to the sun, it is heated just enough to sublimate (turn from a solid to a gas),
sometimes explosively. This "stuff" then shoots straight upward violently for 8 to 10 kilometers in this very
rareified atmosphere. However, at about 8 to 10  Kilometers - above the surface there is a "jet stream" wind.
At that level the outgassing is carried downwind at right angles by the "jet stream." A most impressive sight
and very "other-worldly."
The crescent moon, Charon dominates the right portion of the painting and our sun, 4 Billlion miles away,
is seen on the left. The photo does not show the myriad of stars and the brillience of this painting. MUST SEE
This painting originally retailed for $3,500- the minimum opening offered is meant to stimulate active bidding.
Opening Bid: $1,500-

iolk Click on any photo to enlarge
Lot 109 KB 1
849.1g Stand Included
No Minimum

Lot 110 BW 1
Extensive library of Meteorite Books (6 HUGE boxes)
One century of pretty much every book published on Meteorites
from 1903 through 2002. Many in mint condition. Some with duplicates.
Many are hard, very difficult or now impossible to find.
ALL of Nininger’s publications signed by Nininger – several with multiple copies.
All the Pre-Meteoritics articles in 3 hard Back texts, many years of Meteoritics,
The 3 hard back Japanese texts full of colored photos of everything found in
Antarctica - in mint condition. Numerous Meteorite Museum Catalogs & on & on.
The most impressive collection I have ever heard of outside of E.T.'s (which is
available for $250,000).
Seller will have them all at the auction with white cotton
gloves for serious bidders to examine. Shipping available in lower 48 States.
Own this library and you will have a completely comprehensive library of the field.
See full list HERE
See dozens of photos HERE (will be adding 10 or 20 a day for a while)
Minimum Bid $21,000

Click on any photo to enlarge


Anita Westlake
6 PM
Anita will give a 45 minute talk about numerous
interesting stories about some meteorite falls.

Anita is the co-founder and first President of the
Meteorite Association of Georgia.
She gives talks all over the SE about meteorites.
She works at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Ga
as the Librarian where, in her spare moments she is often
called upon to identify a " possible" meteorite for the
Tellus public. ("Haven't seen a real one yet.")
She also
does Mineral Identification for the guests at Tellus.
She is the Mineral Section Chair of the
Georgia Mineral Society as well as their
Librarian and is the past president of the
SE Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy.

(And she has a wicked sense of humor!)

will give you an excellent opportunity to
buy as though you were at the auction, even from Europe. You must
pay immediately when notified by either credit card or PayPal, I have
to immediately pay the sellers, so check by mail is NOT accepted.
You offer the highest amount you are willing to bid and are automatically
"bid up" only with the live bidding, so, you could get it well below your
PS: If I get more than 7 or 8 absentee bids (I usually have dozens), I will have a full time person
who's ONLY function is to bid for absentee bidders - trying to get it at the lowest price possible
and going up toward toward the maximum bid only as requried

Absentee bids will be charged an additional handling fee of 5%. If additional
packing requirements to INSURE you receive the item in the same contidion,
is required, such as membrane boxes, etc, they will be supplied at actual cost.
PLACE ABSENTEE BIDS Email : mlblood@cox.net
(NOTE: IF your absentee bid is not confirmed within 24 hrs, email me again. Sometimes emails are
lost! Also, if 2 or more absentee bidders
bid on the same item, the bidding will "open" at one increment
higher than the 2nd highest absentee bid, as it would inevitably go at least that high for the winner to
outbid the 2nd highest bidder).


A consignment fee of 10% of the price of the sale is charged for submissionsup to Nov. 30.
For Late Entries please see rates below. (in with

By Nov. 30 = 10%
By Dec. 15 = 12%
By Jan. 1 = 14%
By Jan. 15 = 17.5%
The above rates are for items delivered to the auction between 5PM & 6:30PM

Submitted on the Day of the auction:
After Jan. 15 & up to between 5 & 6 PM day of auction = 20%
6PM to 7PM day of auction = 25%
7PM to 7:15 PM = 35% (Negotiable if high value with no minimum)
7:15 to 7:30 = 40% (Negotiable if high value with no minimum)
Negotiated fees MAY occure on last minute items depending
On value and whether or not the seller wants a minimum bid.

Minimum Bids will require a fee of 3% if the item does not bring the
required starting bid. Fee will be negotiated in exceptional cases.


(The rates above are for  people who submit AND bringing their specimen(s)
to the auction between 5PM and 6:30PM). If you are planning on mailing
me your piece and I have to Juggle that in addition to all I will be doing
add an additional 10% will be added if you have no minimum bid. If you are mailing it
with a minimum bid, add an additional 15% + actual postage costs of
return if it does not bring an opening bid). All other minimum bids will
be charged 3% of the minimum required bid if no bid is placed.

Based on no reserve vs. size of any reserve, desirability, estimated value, market demands, etc. This is solely the determination of the auctioneer (me).
Preferences will be given to past major entrants. Goal is for 100
Quality specimens to be listed in the catalog on line and any entries beyond
That will be accepted only by even higher standards and be limited almost
Entirely to no minimum offerings.

Minimums that do not get an opening bid will have have a fee of 3% of the minimum.

9 % Buyers' premium for Cash or check.
Credit cards/PayPal add 5%.

10% PER WEEK will be charged for any bounced check. People who
have previously bounced a check at the auction MUST pay via cash
or credit card. Declined C. Cards will be charged the same as bounced
checks: 10% per week.


LOCATION: VFW Post #4903 at 1150 N. Beverly (1 block north of
Speedway and 2 blocks west of Craycroft.

FROM INN SUITES (Now called "Hotel Tucson City Center"):

1)- Turn L. Leaving Inn Suites onto Granada
2) Turn R. onto Speedway and go 5 miles - go a few blocks past Swan to N Beverly Ave.
3) Turn Left onto N. Beverly Ave. and go 1 block to the VFW parking lot.
4) If you get to Craycroft, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR - go back 2 blocks!

If you get lost, you can call the Hall at: 520- 326-3436 or call me
at 619 204-4138 (This number is "good" only while I am in Tucson).

This VFW post has plenty of parking and a no host full bar. So, be prepared to see a LOT of specimens & meet lots of people face to face. EVERYONE is invited to attend, bid and/or sell.
The lecture at 6 by Anita Westlake will be well worth attending (FREE).

There will be micromounts, macromounts, small specimens, part slices, whole
slices, whole specimens, huge/multi-kilo specimens & RARE thin sections.
All are welcome to enter specimens, whether you are a dealer or modest collector
wanting to sell (a) specimen(s) which is/are now upgraded in your collection.

When the list goes over 100, I will begin to pick and choose even more
closely among items offered as to which will be best to include in the auction.


This promises to be a FUN time & everyone is invited to sell, buy or just
enjoy the festivities & to go to a late dinner afterwards. This is an
opportune time for many of us on the
list who know one another only via
e-mails to meet face to face & get to spend some
fun time together. (If
you buy some stuff at the show - bring it to the auction
for Show & Tell
- one of the more fun aspects of collecting, in my book).

Most auctions now customarily charge buyers a 10% or 15% "buyers' premium"
which is added on to the winning bid price. Even for this auction, expenses have
increased to the point I must charge a minimal buyers premium of 8.5%. I have
kept this as low as possible to minimize the pinch felt by the buyers, yet allow me
to continue to hold this event in the face of a 300 to 400% increase in expenses in
the last few years.

I only require 3 things:
1) I ask that everyone just buying arrive between 6:00 & 7:00 to pre-register

to get a bid number & examine specimens that will be offered (& take advantage
to meet “old friends” you only know by e-mail address! and "have a cold one" if
you so choose - This year, even earlier is suggested as Anita Westlake's lecture
promises to be a great one (starting at 6 PM) .

2) Those also selling, please have material at the site between 5:00 PM and 6:00PM -

(Late arrivals will be accommodated, if possible, up to 7:30,
but an additional 5% will be added to their commission fee.
THE EARLIER THE BETTER - the earlier you arrive to
register, the more sure you can be of getting your pieces in the auction – and an
early arrival allows you to take a close look
at the material available

3) The VFW has a full bar on site (as well as burgers, etc.) However, please drink

responsibly and have a designated driver.

ON LINE CATALOG TO PRINT will be available after Jan. 15

Please email or call me at 619 286-4837 up to Jan. 28. From Jan 29
to Feb 3 I can be reanched on a cell phone at: 619 204-4138 .
These are "bid up" (to your maximum, if "action" requires) but often
result in purchases well below your maximum, as in eBay.

- At the auction, cash, personal checks and Visa/Mastercard,

(there will be a 5% processing fee for Cards). Any checks that
bounce will incur a 10% pain in the ass fee WEEKLY until"
full payment has been made
. Cash is preferred.

- There will be a uniformed guard to facilitate security .

It is my intention to retain the open atmosphere which has
characterized my auctions since the
beginning, with a fun social
atmosphere which, I feel,
provides a real service to the meteorite

If you would like to put an exceptional specimen on consignment, please contact
me at mlblood@cox.net for a full description of terms and conditions or call me
at 619 286-4837. (after Jan 28, call me at the cell phone listed below):

While in Tucson ONLY
I will have a cell phone: (619) 204-4138 (Please do not call this number other
than from Jan 29 to Feb. 6. Only during these dates do I answer messages and this cell phone
is NOT for use by anyone but my wife the rest of the year.


If you are interested in signing up for PayPal and getting $5 free, go to:

Michael Blood
6106 Kerch St.
San Diego, CA 92115-6628 USA
Ph: (619) 286-4837


Michael Blood at


PHONE: 619 286-4837